Auto Trail Frontier Bike Carrier

The Pre 2010 Autotrail Frontier Bike Carrier is still available through ourselves. It is purposely designed to straddle the spare wheel on the rear of  Pre 2010 Autotrail  motorhomes. The rack does not interfere with either the removal of the spare wheel or the opening of the ladder rack.

Please note that there are two styles of bottom fixing adapters depending on the rear layout of the motorhome. Please leave contact details for our office to contact you as they will derive at what brackets are required

For Post 2010 models ther are two options. The latest Frontier Rack sits above the spare wheel much higher than the 2010 version. Bear this in mind as the bike will have to be lifted higher than normal.

The Omni Bike Lift is another option. It has the facility to attach the bikse in a much lower position and then either manually or electrically raise them up. This is illustrated on the Bike rack home section. For DIY fitting dimensions for fixing points can be supplied


** This bike rack is now out of production. We have a very limited supply, please call for more information **