Caravan Installation

Unlike motorhomes, caravans carry strict warranties that prevent any drilling to the bodywork. The solution is simple and the outcome rather beautiful. Rather than fitting an awning to the side we fit the awning to the roof of the caravan without any need to drill. The bracket is bonded using high quality adhesive that is also used in the aerospace industry. 

Above you can see images from our previous work that clearly show how neatly these roof mounted awnings fit.


There are many advantages to having a roof mounted awning and here are just a few;

  • The entire weight is spread across the roof rather than the side ensuring a seamless fit.
  • The awning can not only be used as a sunshade but has the possibility of creating a living space too.
  • The bracket fits the entire length of the awning meaning that there are no gaps underneath which is especially important when combining it with a room system.
  • Thinking of changing your caravan at some point? Not an issue, the awning can be removed simply leaving the bracket behind. You will only need to purchase a new bracket.